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Charity Organizations in Kerala
Charity Organizations in Kerala Charity Organizations in Kerala,India,Orphanages,Old age homes,Christian Missions,Request charity donations,convent,churches,educational institutions,gospel teamThe Evangelistic Association of the East (E.A.E) is the first Missionary Association of the Jacobite Syrian Church under the direct control of the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, who is on the THRONE OF ST. PETER.The mission of the association is to spread and propagate the HOLY GOSPEL amongst Christians, non Christians and promote educational, religious institutes thereby to cultivate benevolence philanthropy patriotism besides charitable services to the poor and the needy. Religion Jan 25, 2007

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Martha Mariam church is the ancestral home of Christian communities in Kerala and out side the State. It is in Meenachil Taluk, 22 kms north of Kottayam, on the eastern side of M.C. Road. Martha Mariam Church belongs to the diocese of Palai.Traditional beliefs, some legendary factors and historical associations contribute to the actual history of the church. It is believed that four Christian families - viz. Palli (Kalli), Kaliyakal (kalikavu), Sankarapuri and Pakalomattam from Palayur arrived at Ettumanoor and they moved to Kalikavu near Kuravilangad in the beginning of the second century. Kuruvilangad Church's Altar Fountain It is also believed that Our Lady appeared to a few children at Kuravilangad, who were tending their flock in the bushes. Our Lady asked them to build a church at the place from where a miraculous perpetual spring sprouted, a spring which exists even today. The children reported this matter to the elders and a church was built there. The present church was completed in 1960 when Rev. Fr. Thomas Manakattu was the parish priest. Kuravilangad has a unique place in the history of the Church of Malabar. The temporal administration of the church was conducted by Archdeacons who were very influential in the society. It is believed that the Archdeacons have been descended from the Pakalomattam family. The mortal remain of a few Archdeacons are still preserved at the Pakalomattam Chapel. Mar Alexander De Campo (Parampil Chandy Metran) is an illustrious son of Kuravilangad. He is the first indigenous bishop of the whole of India. He was ordained bishop on first February 1663 by Mar Sebastany a foreign bishop. Mar Alexander was staying at Kuravilangad till his death, 2nd January 1687. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Nidhiri ( Nidhirikal Mani kathanar ) (1842- 1904) of Kuravilangad is a colossus in the history of the church in Kerala. He was an eminent educationalist, orator, organizer and a champion of ecumenism. He was the first editor of the first Malayalam daily "Deepika". As vicar of the Kuravilangad church, he started the St.Mary's English school for boys in 1894. The present president of India, K. R. Narayanan matriculated from this school. Fr. Jacob Panamkuzhakal (Panamkuzhakal Valliyachan) (1479-1543) was a very holy priest of Kuravilangad. Many people testify on the favours received through the intercession of Fr. Jacob. The Panamkuzhakal family celebrates the death anniversary of Fr. Jacob on 5th November every year."Moonnu Nompu" is the main feast of the church. Thousands of people from all over Kerala come to this three-days-feast. The ceremonial procession on the second day of the feast when the replica of the vessel used by prophet Jonah of the OT is taken out is the main attraction of the feast. The people of the Kadapoor locality has the privilege to carry the vessel during the procession.The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary kept at the side altar is unique. It is carved from granite and it is believed that it was brought from North India. This is a miraculous statue and the devotees call this statue "Kuravilangad Muthiyamma".The granite cross in a single block of 48 feet in front of the church was erected around 1597. The devotes offer coconut oil in the lamps at the foot of the cross. On first Fridays devotees stand in queue from early morning to late in the evening to offer oil.An ancient bell with the engraving on Syriac "Mother of God" speaks loudly of the traditional faith of christian community here in Kerala. Three majestic bells that peal out the glory of Kuravilangad were brought from Germany in 1911.The eight tongued coconut scraper is a marvel in carpentry. It is carved out of a single block of wood. It was used to scrape coconuts for the "Monnu Nompu" feast. A good number of educational and charitable institutions do creditable service to the people of this locality. A century old Boy's Higher secondary school, half a century old girls secondary school and a first grade college, Devamatha speak volumes about the contribution of the church in the field of education. St.Vincent's Hospital run by congregation of the sisters of charity of St.Vincent De Paul in a land mark here is the field of medical service. About one hundred girls are taken care of at the Balabhavan run by the CMC sisters. Sisters from five convents render immense service to the parishioners. With about 2500 families and 12500 members, Kuravilangad is the ancient and the biggest parish in the diocese of Palai. This Marian pilgrim centre is a source of solace and hope to thousands of devotees who visit this church every year.

Thamaramkulangara Sree Dharmasastha Temple - Tripunithura

"Punarjani" is a Trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 (Act II of 1982) and its Registered Office is situated now at Killanoor Village, Poomala P O, Thrissur in Kerala.The main object of our Trust is to establish and run institutions for de-addiction treatment and rehabilitation-oriented institutions and the other objectives includes the establishment and maintenance of Centers for Family and Child Welfare and Education, Boarding Houses and Residential Institutions for students, workers, mentally retarded, physically handicapped and old age persons. The establishments of Family Counseling Centers, to conduct classes for personality development, leadership capacity, physical, mental and spiritual development of socially backward persons, to render financial and other sorts of assistance to persons who are victims of alcohol and other toxic substances and to make them de-addicted persons through medical, preferably Ayurvedic treatment, through detoxification with the assistance of advanced techniques and methods of Counseling, Hypnotherapy, education, psychoanalysis, meditation, yoga therapy and allied methods, and through motivation and personal assistance.We intent to promote the ideals of Philanthropy and Humanism and other human values, for the promotion of an ideal society based upon fundamental, ethical principles of all religions, which, we believe in essence, are philosophically one and the same.Our Trust also envisages providing services to promote the feeble classes of society, especially the women and children of addicted persons, who may be irrecoverably lost or may be cease to exist, due to alcoholism and similar diseases.We intent to run centers, which promote Ayurveda (Herbal Medical Treatment System) Naturopathy, Vegetarianism, simple living, and eco-friendly attitude towards lifeTo eradicate the miseries suffered by innocent persons due to the adverse effects of alcohol is the common intention of the first trustees of this Trust because we uphold the dictum that "Alcoholism is a social evil and disease and it can be cured off."Even prior to the formation and registration of this Trust in the name "Punarjani", the first trustees were persons involved in the tragedy of the disease of alcoholism, either as a victim or by way of a saviour and sympathetic rescuer of an Alcoholic. Thus, we all are aware of the calamities suffered by the diseased persons and the grievances suffered by the blood relatives and concerned persons of such Alcoholics. , We intend to provide help and assistance to persons who are suffered by Alcoholism and other drug abuses. We wish to help them by providing sufficient means to recover from the total ruin by Alcoholism.Parallel to the works of educating missions and propagations against Alcoholism, we felt the need of a Retreat Center in which a person totally ill due alcoholism, can be admitted for withdrawal and detoxification treatment for de-addiction. Such a Retreat Centre - a peaceful, calm resting place which provide medical, emotional, motivational, and spiritual help and assistance to a badly-affected dependant alcoholic - is very essential in the treatment of mentally depressed, emotionally disturbed and spiritually fallen alcoholics. Our attempts to re-discover, enlighten and de-addict a person who is suffered by the dangerous disease of Alcoholism is totally based upon the principles and ideals of humanism and philanthropy which is secular in nature. Even though we believe in God the Almighty, any discrimination of caste or creed should not be a hindrance to the recovery of any human being affected by alcoholism, hence we wish to provide absolute freedom to the Alcoholics to conceive, pray and believe in God as he wish to conceive.The said Retreat Center can be functioned as a co-coordinating place for the various services intended to implement by our Trust. Thus, that can also manage, provide all sorts of assistance in the rehabilitation of de-addicted alcoholics and to their dependents who are suffered by the after-effects of Alcoholism. The said Center also will be the focal point through which we implement our programmes of education and propagation against alcohol abuse and will be the Counseling Center for different categories of persons who are badly in need of it.We located an ideal site for the establishment of such a PUNARJANI- Retreat Center at Poomala, which is a rural village, situated at a height more than about 1000 meters above the sea level and is only 15 Km away from Thrissur town. The said site having an extent of one acre is situated very adjacent to the reservoir of Poomala Dam. A very beautiful, calm and quite place with easy access to highway at which, electricity, communication and water facilities are easily available.Thus, our Trust purchased the said plot for an amount of Rs.5 lakhs on 30th March 2005 and in it, we are planting Herbal Medicinal plants to generate a 'Star-Forest' by growing respective plants of each 'birth-stars', which provide a peaceful meditative and totally unpolluted fresh air and atmosphere to the inhabitants of the Retreat & Rehabilitation Center.Moreover, we wish to construct a building complex having about 3500 Sq. feet area, in an eco-friendly manner of Architecture, by using locally available rock, granite, clay-bricks, bamboo and wood. Thus the Center would be hygienic and will be cheaper in cost. We estimate an amount of Rs 10 lacks for that purpose The other requirements of a compound wall, tube-wells, electricity, telephone, water connections, furniture for treatment and counseling and related requirements also should be implemented in the said Retreat and, De-addiction Treatment Center - "Punarjani".We already launched our website " " through which we intend to help alcoholics in their attempts to recover from alcoholism and also to educate and propagate against the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and also to spread out ideas and objectives about this disease, which can be cured, to the world, by enlarging its space, in due course.In this respect, we already created a Compact Disc by the name, "Punarjani" (re - birth) which is an illustration of the adverse impacts and agony suffered by human beings due to alcohol and other drug abuse with touching stories and experiences of the victims of alcohol.The said CD also included the discussions with eminent Doctors and Social Workers, who are interested and involved in the service of de-addiction treatment and in solving psychological problems of adversely affected persons. If anybody wish to have a copy of the said CD please contact us at the address given below:The present members of the Trust alone are not competent enough to provide adequate funds for implementing our dream project. So, in order to raise the minimum required funds for the implementation of infrastructure for this project, we wish to incorporate persons/institutions/organizations as members of this Trust by accepting at least an amount of Rs.10, 000.00. The eligibility of obtaining admission as a Life Member in the Trust "Punarjani" is, concern for any person who become an Alcoholic without his intention, and the aggrieved members of his family. "Punarjani'' is a charitable organization, which is intended to function without the motive of profit in its all spheres of services.We hope that, if our project of constructing the infrastructure of the Retreat & Rehabilitation Center could be implemented with the help of its members and well-wishers, then many agencies like; State, Central Government, Charitable Institution and other NGO's may help us to run, maintain, develop and spread out and fulfill our objectives of total recovery of at least many human beings and their aggrieved families from alcohol and other drugs and it's inevitable total destruction.We are well aware of the magnitude of our task. But, we know that Alcohol is mightier than Human Will Power, at least in the case of an alcoholic. Thus, In order to fight against this evil, and disease we are all in need of the help of unseen power of Almighty, whether we call it Allah, God, Iswara Brahma, Purusha, Prakriti (Nature) Jesus, Krishna, or Rama or by any name. We firmly believe that it is only through the grace and intervention of the Supreme Power, we can get-rid off this calamity of alcoholism and other drug abuse and firmly expect His graceful intervention in our project through you. We firmly believe that Alcoholism is a disease, suffering by many irrespective of religion wealth and education.A meager amount that you spent for luxuries and a little span of time used for entertainment will be worthful help, and will be a turning point for our Trust and it's activities. We maintain the Trust account No: 1505 in the name of "Punarjani" with Catholic Syrian Bank, West fort Brach, Poothole. P.O., Thrissur- 680 004,So, with prayers, we are submitting this request for moral and spiritual support, financial assistance, co-operation, advice, guidance and involvement in all manner from you and your organization for actualizing our projects and programmes for de-addiction.

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