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WELCOME  TO  VEERAMANI  ONLINE Cyber gateway of Veeramani group of business.With Veeramani online, we are expanding our business network across the world. We build this on trust and support given to us by our customers and wellwishers Shopping Mar 26, 2007

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Jayalakshmi is a fairy tale that began to unfold nearly sixty years ago always with an eye on the audience .A textile showroom where the theme has always been about weaving a story of quality, elegance and allure. An enchanting story of success spun in purest silk that has captured the fantasy of its clientele over the past decades. Today it is one among the largest showrooms of its kind in the country.Catering to a wide range of clientele across india and abroad.Ever been at a loss while shopping for dress materials in Cochin? Shopping in search of a particular brand, stuff or design. Step into Jayalakshmi, the one stop shop for all your clothing needs. Whether it be churidars, silk sarees, gagras, lachas, designer sarees, readymades, men's wear, kid's wear, foot wear or perfumesShowroom The Jayalakshmi showroom is an impressive landmark on M.G.Road,the nerve center of shopping and business in cochin.It is a lively place frequented by the fashion-consious.Spread acrss 5 floor and over 1 Lakh sq.ft the showroom itself is an inspiration for the shoppers. Tastefully conceived by some of best interior designers in the country. Offering a distinct ambience for the shoppers to lounge around leisurely and take their pick from the varicolored collectionLocation , the Jayalakshmi showroom is a prominent landmark is at the heart of M.G road, the focal point of shopping in Cochin, Its central location makes it easily accessible .No wonder it is one of the best loved showroom in the country.

A star was born...In 1995. The sails unfurled, the anchor lifted and V-Star Creations set sail. Bringing fashion to the masses. And transforming the clothing industry as we know it. Today, ten years on, V-Star is the reigning star of style in Kerala. A stature it owes in no small measure to its Managing Director and her prodigious talents - Mrs. Sheela Kochouseph. The better half of the legendary entrepreneur Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappilly, the Managing Director of the multi-crore V-Guard Industries which comprises of V-Guard, Veega Land (Water theme amusement park) -Kochi and Wonder la - Bangalore. Mrs. Kochousephís fashion sense and hands-on management policy has assured V-Starís rise to leadership in a very short span. The top-notch quality of V-Star products and the excellence of design are direct results of her willingness to go to any lengths until the desired effect is achieved.This persistence of vision, so to speak, is reflected in the sourcing of the material to the arrival of the finished product and everything in between. Her intuitive grasp of the market and the ready reliance on the latest technology ensures that V-Star remains at the top of its game. Small wonder that V-Star Churidars have captured markets and hearts in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and the Middle East. Places where it almost enjoys unchallenged monopoly. Mrs. Kochouseph is ably supported by a wonderful team. Made up of inventive and innovative designers. And including an eager dedicated work force. With all these advantages, V-Starís star is on the rise. And shows no sign of stopping just yet.

Books,books,indian books,novels,all books,book shop,online book shopIn the wake of the Silent Valley agitation, new insights regarding environment, agriculture, feminism and minority-politics were in the air. ALTER MEDIA came into being in 1987 from the desire to share and participate in the knowledge raised by such issues.Attention was then focused on the publishing and distribution of books related to alternate approaches which helped transform the sensibilities of the discerning reader (a section of the reading public) and in consequence, alluring the mainstream publishers.Alter media could respond to crucial events and discussions in this field, at home and in other states, became a responsible presence and emerged as a prominent network.Because of uncompromising criticism and support from kindred minds, Alter media never had to promote irreconcilable material for commercial advantage.In consequence, it became inevitable to transcend the stages of mere distribution and propagation of such ideas. Praxis follows and now we concentrate on producing, sharing/distributing eco-products, enhancing these at the rural level and finding a creative response and thus reaching the potential user.Altermedia was conceptualised by swaminathan , in order to make available rare collection of books on nature and allied subjects to both the environmentalists and laymen alike. Born into a non-luxurious family, he was naturally inclined to serve mankind and all through his life. He actively campaigned against many destructive proposals that threatened to wipe out our ecological treasure .He formed an eco-group "Sahyadri" and dedicated his life to serve nature. His bold stand on many issues received ample attention from some of the leading social workers in Kerala. Unfortunately we lost him at a very young age. He died at the age of 26 owing to a fatal heart attack and an aggravated asthma that has been troubling him since childhood.

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